Manifest for Life: Romania A.D. 2012

The official message of the 2012 March for Life in Romania is a short inventory of the culture of death in Romania today.

The March for Life is held each year in order to affirm every person’s right to life from the moment of conception. We, the participants we address through this Manifest to all who desire a moral change- first of all to the young generation- so that together to demand:

  1. An end to the 55 year of genocide through abortion which led OFFICIALLY to more than 22 000 000 victims.  We all are survivors of the legalization by the Communists of the abortion in 1957.
  2. Alternatives to abortion by sustaining the women in crisis,  the adoptions and economical measures encouraging the natality.
  3. After almost 55 years of legal abortion in Romania it is necessary a rigorous research of its consequences for the women’s health and the family level.
  4. Public campaigns informing about the negative consequences of abortion and contraception.
  5. The recognition of the unborn child as the second patient and the introduction of the fetal therapy as a replacement of the present eugenism and prenatal euthanasia of unborn children with congenital and genetic pathology.
  6. Research to the real causes of the increased infertility in Romania and the introduction of the ethical alternatives to the In Vitro Fertilization. Strict monitoring of the clinics practicing IVF and the cessation of the IVF financing from Romanian public money.
  7. Opposition to the false “sexual education” encouraging the sexual promiscuity and increasing the number of the adolescents’ pregnancies and abortions. Promotion of an education promoting character’s formation and chastity. The real recognition of the primary role of the parents in their children’s education.
  8. The interdiction of the pornographic culture.
  9. Support to the politicians favorable to a culture of life.

10. Cooperation of all pro-life Romanian forces.

The economic, political and demographic crises are just the consequences of a profound moral crisis. This is the real danger to our society and this should be approached as  a priority.

Only through a courageous present and moral it will be possible to build a beautiful future for us and our children,  in a country abundantly blessed by God


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